GALA Festival playlist feat. @thisisgala

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Dec 14, 2022

We've created the best GALA Festival Spotify playlist that includes all the music recently featured in @thisisgala's Instagram Stories and Posts. Read more, or listen to the best GALA Festival (@thisisgala) playlist on Spotify.


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What is in GALA Festival's Spotify playlist?

Songs from the best GALA Festival Spotify playlist.
# Name Artist Album
1 Midnight JustLuke Timeless
2 Bamboo Fighter Soichi Terada Asakusa Light
3 In The Rain Ernest Ranglin Be What You Want Be
4 Flip the Narrative LTJ Bukem Flip the Narrative

Which music artists are featured in the GALA Festival playlist?

This playlist is a collection of LTJ Bukem's top tracks. It includes his latest release, "The Journey Continues".

LTJ Bukem is a British DJ and producer who has been active in the music industry since the early 1990s. He is known for pioneering the genre of drum and bass and for his prolific work as a remixer.

What genres feature in the GALA Festival (@thisisgala) playlist?

This playlist includes genres like drum and bass, jazzy dnb, jungle, atmospheric dnb, downtempo.

The best spotify playlist for those who are looking for a mix of different genres.

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